A Storytelling Framework for Self-Realization & Personal Transformation
Unveil Your True Essence: Embark on a transformative journey with the 12 BEATS.
The 12 Beats are the Foundational Story-Pillars of Nobody School.
At Nobody School - we challenge the societal illusion of 'somebodyness' and guide you towards embracing 'nobodyness' – the authentic core of your being.
The Illusion of Somebodyness
  • Break Free from Societal Constructs: Understand the trap of pursuing 'somebodyness,' a relentless chase for external validation that veils your true self.
  • Rediscover Your Nobodyness: Learn the profound importance of reconnecting with your 'nobody' essence, where true freedom and authenticity lie.
The Dual Purpose of Nobody School
  • Self-Guided Exploration: All materials are available for self-study. Utilize our resources, including the Beat Sheet, to independently navigate the path to self-realization.
  • Guided Support: For those seeking guidance, join our monthly classes and/or book an exploratory session with Oriya. Our aim is to facilitate and guide you on your journey towards freedom.
Site Overview:

The 12 Beats
The Primary Relationships

Download the Beat Sheet: Your Storytelling Blueprint

Our Beat Sheet is designed to help you outline your current life-story-narrative and discover the essence of your self-realization journey.

Join Our Community of Inner-Storytellers

At Nobody School, you're not just learning to tell a story; you're embracing the journey of self-discovery and sharing a life-message that can inspire and transform yourself and others.
Monthly Four-Week Course: For a guided experience, join our monthly Four-Week Course. This small group setting allows for an intimate exploration of each Act, providing support and insights from fellow storytellers.
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