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Meaning Making Machine

a writing program for self-realization


M3 is a storytelling framework for healing & self-realization.
With m3 you have the map and navigation tools to:
  • Choose Your Story Theme - Learn about the Four M3 Story Elements
  • Decode Your Journey - The four Self-Realization Acts
  • Uncover & Share Your Deeper Story - through the 12 cosmic beats of transformation.
This m3 documentation site aims to provide you with everything you need and want to do this work on your own. I am also working on a free audio companion guide. I am happy to assist and support privately and in small groups.
Who is this work for?
  • You're on a spiritual (healing) journey and would like a fun self-realization guide...
  • You are working on a writing project (self-help memoir), and you want some clarity for the theme and/or which stories / events / moments to include....
  • You know for a fact that your crazy life stories have something to teach you.... and maybe even the world :)
The 12 Beats are Universal Checkpoints along the soul's rite of passage
m3 stands for Micro-Memoir Method, because it utilizes your personal life-quantum-moments (stories & events) to map-out a journey of transformation and self-realization.
Life is a journey of Self-Realization, which is technically - Remembering who you really, truly are...
Here is the truth... you will remember who you are, that's what the game of life is designed for.
I am also pretty sure that there is on way to "teach" this stuff... all I can do and intent is to remind you of some basic patterns that already exist, therefore increasing your level awareness to what is already happening...
My intention with this work is to increase your level of presence, awareness and grace along your journey...
With little or no awareness, we typically repeat the same checkpoints, stations and beats along life's self-realization journey again and again... and again...
Most teachers and spiritual traditions are focus on sharing and teaching ultimate and absolute truths...
The problem with focusing on these universal truths is that they can become a spiritual trap... the truth is easy to "know"...
Spoiler: we are all cosmic infinite awareness, technically speaking, on a spiritual level - we really are one... and yes love and consciousness is all there really is.
Okay, but how does it translate to your individual unique journey and expression of personal gifts and truth in this cosmic dream called life?
Don't you want to know your specific "Original Lie"? Don't you want to fully embody your own personal truth? What about sharing your unique gift with the world?
That's why the Journey is really important. The journey introduces us to our Original Lies, gives us an opportunity to experience the Honeymoon phase, usually followed by the Autocorrect.... the real wisdom is to stop repeating the same lessons and perhaps even lifetimes.
That's what this Self-Realization Guide is all about...
Without going through the journey, without having the actual learning experiences... the truth isn't integrated and they merely stay in the realm of words, ideas and concepts.
That's why we keep finding ourselves at yet another workshop, therapy session, ayahuasca ceremony, mdma experience, aha-moment, download and yet another life-changing-epiphany....
Together, we remember!


The 12 Beats (M3) system was developed over a decade, during my professional training and experience with psychedelics & plant-medicines both as a participant and as facilitator (consciousness engineering).
In parallel, I was also researching & studying story structure, screenwriting and writing techniques for my own memoir project to uncover & share my deeper stories & truths (memoir engineering).
After 12 years of intense R&D, the two parallels merged into this one body-of-work.
My intention here simple and also bigger than me - to take what I learned in the mystery school of shamanism and sacred-substances and create a writing program that will serve as medicine with the same effects... and even better as it belongs to this realm.
I've used indigenous shamanic wisdom integrated with proven storytelling principals to create m3 as a tool and map for writers and seekers alike.
  • Healing is the work of telling a new story
  • Shamans are storytellers
  • Writers are shamans
Like I said, my intention was to create a tool that is as powerful as psychedelics and sacred-substances... and I am humbled to share with you my medicine -
You see - it is not enough to know the truth - we each have to reject our own personal lies on this journey home...
You know the whole Hero's Journey thing? a Hero leaves home on the a rite of passage journey with the intention of learnings something so juicy that he/she/they come back later on with some elixir they can share with the tribe?
Well after decades of searching, looking and breaking $hit... well, I found some elixirs and by god, I tried them all...
This storytelling & healing modality - is what I am brining back to the tribe!
I have identified these 4 relationships & acts, 12 beats in my own journey of self-realization. I didn't just learn them by reading and learning - but by experiencing them myself over a dedicated quest since 1996!
12 beats... yep, sounds simple and it is... but the deeper wisdom is there to help you decode your journey, uncover your truths and maybe even share your deeper stories of healing and transformations.
Big promise? I hope so.
I initially developed this documentation site as a resource for my own personal writing project, yet its intelligence has a life of its own... it is now developing as a healing modality that's transforming millions of lives!
If you have any questions or would like some support in applying this work to your healing and self-realization journey, I would love to hear from you. I know this stuff works, and I'd love to make it work for you, Oriya, Fall, 2022
This entire project is dedicated to my teachers & community that helped me remember who I am and return home so I can share my light. Namaste AB.
Okay! now let's get to work...
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