m3 Overview

The indigenous map for self-exploration and healing
M3 is a hybrid storytelling framework of a healing modality in combination with timeless storytelling principals to:
  • Identify where you are on your self-realization journey
  • Save hundreds of therapy hours and maybe even lifetimes
  • Outline your memoir / personal development book
Let me say it another way - when you do go through this system and start identifying the acts and beats in any given area of your life - you notice a pattern:
  • where you are stuck
  • the beat(s) you keep repeating
  • the act you keep avoiding
  • which area / realm / relationship you have already mastered... so you can apply its wisdom to the others'
A word of caution for writers of memoirs and/or personal development books: a common side-effect for this program is dropping your writing projects because your only intention has been healing and not publishing... so proceed at your own risk.
m3 began in 2009 as a story-structure method for memoirists and self-help writers looking to utilizing their own life stories as inspiration. In 2017 m3 evolved as a healing modality.
Both in a healing and writing journey - you typically choose one area of your life, one life-lesson that you want to focus, expand and heal... it's also part of the mechanics and m3's alchemy.
We start by going through the Four Primary Relationships - which is another way to explore the main areas / realms in your life so you can begin the work with one... Don't worry, later you'll be able to mix & match all of them together for a masterwork.
m3 focuses on four main areas of life. Why four? Remember, this all comes from shamanism... the four correlate with the four fundamental elements of life... you can find out more in The Wheel section.
Typically, in real-life sessions (zoom or in person), I start with The Wheel, as it is the foundation for all of this, but I suspect I might lose you when going through this work online).
We refer to each of the four areas as a Primary Relationship. This is important to grasp, because the foundation for m3 is this:
Everything IS a relationship.
Everything in life is in relationship to everything else.
All healing is restoring flow within a given relationship.
Seriously... can you take that in for a minutes? All healing is restoring flow in relationships... flow of life's energy, power, truth, sexuality, creativity, love, presence, expression and you!
So let's examine the relationships that make up our entire lives...

The Four Primary Relationships

Remember, this comes straight from primal life principals and shamanism -
The Wheel & Four Relationships
  • BODY - Our relationship to our body and the present - the here & now, healing, manifestation and presence.
  • MIND - Our relationship to ourselves and our identity, what we believe about ourselves and how we show up in the world.
  • SPIRIT - Our relationship to the mystery and all unknown possibilities... faith, God and the divine creativity.
  • HEART - Our relationship and levels of intimacy to everyone else, from our intimate interests to the larger community.
It is so simple, it does not need much explaining, but of course we will dedicate the next section to further unpack and go deeper into The Four Relationships.
If you want to dive deeper to where these four come from - visit The Wheel section
Okay... so now that you have a quick overview of the Four Relationships let's go over the four correlating "acts" along the path of self-realization.

The Four Acts

The Four Acts and its subsequent 12 beats follow a universal pattern I found in my shamanic experiences and storytelling research & development.
The main idea: Life takes us on a journey to master each of these four primary areas / realms / relationships - until we arrive home to our true selves - a.k.a. self-realization!
They should make sense just be looking at it:
  • ACT 1 - PRESENCE (body): In this first act, we begin our journey in a state of forgetfulness, followed by a twist- the Original Lie that becomes the desire and our motivation for change & transformation.
  • ACT 2 - EXPRESSION (mind): In the second act, we typically use our mind to fix our problems (Original Lie), and we experience a honeymoon period (fun & games, temporary success) followed by the deeper realization that nothing is actually "fixed".
  • ACT 3 - CREATION (spirit): Creation pushes us to surrender to spirit and the unknown. First our fears and shadows catch up to us and manifest as real life problems, ultimately leading us to the big cleanser - Life's Autocorrect, which forces us to journey inward (as opposed to outwards at the end of Act 1).
  • ACT 4 - SHARING (heart): Few brave this act as we are forced to confront our biggest lies from within and only when we reject them, we have the opportunity at re-membering who we really are which usually is followed by a new state of creatorship - taking responsibility for our creative imagination and co-creating the life we were born to lead.
It's a strange feeling for me to write the above four paragraph so nonchalantly... because I know how powerful this breakdown actually is of lifetimes and countless incarnations of the soul...
These cosmic four acts are further broken down to 12 "beats", 3 in each act, to help you identify where you might be and what's coming next.

The 12 Beats

The 12 beats are "quantum moments of transformation" - life stories, events and "check-points" that move us along our self-realization journey.
Like I said, I have developed them from Mythical storytelling methodologies, Hollywood screenwriting techniques and indigenous Shamanic Wisdom.
Here they are in one breath:
  1. 1.
    Opening Image - You're the storyteller
  2. 2.
    Original Lie - The tare in the vail, original pain and hurt
  3. 3.
    Journey Out - The soul's rite of passage starts on the outside
  4. 4.
    The Debate - your initial resistance and compromises
  5. 5.
    Honeymoon - The promise of the premise - a temporary experience of success.
  6. 6.
    False Victory - moment of truth
  7. 7.
    Shadow Rising - the beginning of the end of the lie
  8. 8.
    Autocorrect - the great cleanser
  9. 9.
    Journey In - the only way out
  10. 10.
    The Big Lie - confront it and/or die
  11. 11.
    Re-membering - Taking responsibility of your true power
  12. 12.
    Integration - Bringing your gift back to the communuity...
Most of us will be able to map out beats 1 through 8 in our lives, because we usually go back and repeat beats 3 through 8 again and again... however, the lucky few get to go through all of the beats in one area / relationship...

The Beat Sheet

Like I mentioned, I created this work for myself... and this Beat Sheet.
It is a one pager to print out, light a candle and beat it out...
I am working on an Audio companion so I can walk you through the Beat Sheet.


There you have it, the m3 magic in one page.
I am going to do my best to expand on each of these sections on the rest of this site.
More importantly, I encourage to reach out... I want to see how this might work for you.