The 12 Beats

Self-Realization Has rhythm
In order to best understand and utilize these beats, do not skip the sections that came beforehand - The Four Relationships and The Four Acts .... maybe even The Wheel!

Self-Realization in 12 Beats

What if there was a map that outlines that main checkpoints - BEATS, on this soul rite-of-passage??
Would you want to at least glance at it? It could be very helpful to know where you are in relationship to what is about to unfold next...
When you have a map and navigation tools, you can at least properly observe and fully experience your journey!
Welcome to the 12 beats on the Journey of Self-Realization - I refer to these markers/checkpoints as "beats" as they imply movements along the song of your soul remembering itself...
You see, there are universal patterns - cosmic experiential portals, that every soul passes through in order to re-member and get to know itself!
When you know where you are, you can tell where you might go next...
When you where you're stuck, you can find out why and what can help you move forward...
The purpose behind the 12 beats is to give you a map and a guide on your self-realization journey.
The 12 Beats are the engineering magic that makes the m3 program work.
The 12 Beats in one breathe...
  1. 1.
    Opening Image
  2. 2.
    Original Twist
  3. 3.
    Journey Out
  4. 4.
    The Catch
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
    False Victory
  7. 7.
    Shadow Rising
  8. 8.
  9. 9.
    Journey In
  10. 10.
    The Big Lie
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
These 12 beats come from shamanism and Hollywood storytelling secrets that maps out the universal and cosmic journey the soul takes in order to remember itself.
That's right - the entire purpose on this earth is to remember your true nature, and remembership is a writing methodology that guides you to uncover your true voice - the one of the primary narrator of your life, the inner-storyteller...
I used to hand out psychedelics for a brief encounter with your storyteller, the inner-dreamer...
I have facilitated thousands of shamanic sessions for this purpose alone... and let me tell you something, as powerful as they are, the experience usually remains in the psychedelic realm... so I worked my spiritual-ass off for over a decade to combine shamanism and screenwriting wisdom into this body of work.
So you can go through the 12 beats, write them out and have your life-changing aha-moment & epiphanies without having to ingest sacred-substances.
Why? First of all, that's the whole point of plan-medicine.... to be able to bring its wisdom down to earth and integrate it via everyday tools and practices... and what a better way than writing?
Second of all, writing is a journey on it own, and you don't have a physical & consciousness hangover... it's a much more accessible way to experience home!
Here is the truth, like I said, I have facilitated & experienced countless of psychedelic plant-medicine sessions - and the message is almost always the same - you are on a journey of self-realization and self-realization is taking responsibility for your true nature and returning home - back to source, oneness and fusing back to the creator.
What I have managed to do is map out this self-realization journey in 12 beats, starting with Opening Image all the way to CREATORSHIP....
Is everyone going to get it?
But that's okay, I am here to serve everyone, I am here to serve YOU, already on the path and wanting to use your life stories to uncover the deeper purpose and message so you can integrate and share it.
Life takes you on a journey of experiences, stories and events that will introduce you to every aspect of yourself, light and dark - all with the single purpose of having you confront your biggest lies and uncover your greatest powers.
'Waking-up', 'enlightenment' (and all that jazz), is simply this: being able to consciously tell your story - on purpose, instead of being dragged around by it... waiting to be saved by something or someone outside of you.
m3 is a methodology for inner-exploration - a self-realization guide that's designed to help you literally re-member who you are...
That's my intention at least!
Once you get the hang of the Four Acts & The Four Relationships... the breakdown of the 12 Beats just makes it so easy to decode your journey, uncover and share your deeper stories and truths!
The 12 Beats are the Rhythm of Transformation...

Pick a Primary Relationship

I am reminding you again to pick & choose one Primary Relationship to work with as you go through the 12 beats!
Body - Your relationship to the Here & Now, health, addictions, the ability to stay present and healing. Mind - Your relationship to yourself, identity, career, self-expression and the stories we tell (& believe about) ourselves.
Spirit - Your relationship to the unknown, all possibilities, bigger picture, higher-power, god, faith and everything that you don't understand (the mystery). Heart - Your relationship to everyone else, love, relationships, intimacy, belonging, acceptance, and integration in community.
WARNING: As you apply this to one of your Primary Relationships / Themes, you are likely to get stuck at the end of ACT 3... as in our society we aren't encouraged to go inward, but instead we are told to "try again"... usually trying to fix our problems, the wrong way... again.