The Great Reality Cleanser & Heartbreak
Your phone's keyboard isn't the only technology with an autocorrect function.
Life, your journey home, has an autocorrect function built-in.
This beat is very easy to identify, because you know when it already happened.
My secret intention behind this work is to help you go through an upcoming autocorrect with grace.
So this beat is all about the clearing out the skeletons from our spiritual closest, but we don't do it because we want to, it just happens to us because that's what life does... it is designed to take us on a journey of remembering
Let me say it again, my mission with this work is to alleviate some of the suffering that comes with this super important beat, which always comes, especially when we ignore our own soul and truths, but when we are aware of it come, or when we know the purpose of it, we can go through it breathing - gracefully.
If we choose to ignore our own hearts long enough, the autocorrect takes many forms, from losing a job, a heartbreak to disease and even death.
Even worst, without consciousness, we usually repeat act two and three again and again, sometimes our entire lives!!!
The autocorrect is the end of the problem, not the start of it!
The autocorrect is life's gift - it's a journey course-correction
Actually, the auto correct is the answer to your prayers!
If you ask for real change, it usually beings with an autocorrect.
The autocorrect is life's medicine for ignoring your soul, truths and hearts...
Traditionally, the autocorrect is seen as failure and defeat -
I am sharing this guide with the main intention to REFAME failure, embarrassment and defeat as the course-correction that you have been praying for!
If you are in your autocorrect, what you want to really do is take a deep breathe and say thank you to life...
Your problems seem to get out of control, but it is only because you have been trying to control your life - and in the wrong ways
You are losing control, yes, but more importantly - you are giving your soul the driver's seat here..
One day you'll look at this quantum-portal and say "that was the best thing that ever happened to me"...
Well guess what - you can say and feel it NOW!
So if you are in an AUTOCORRECT, or know that one is coming, claim to be the medicine, not the curse!
The autocorrect is the blessing in your journey or remembering who you are, it's the storm before the real quiet.
Ask Yourself: what am I really afraid of? Did it already happen once? Tell me about it. When and how did your reality implode?
In the next beat, we begin to truly exist...