False Victory

Your Worlds Collide
In screenwriting, this is usually the middle of the story. K.M. Weiland Calls it the "Moment of Truth"
The Midpoint is where he finally sees the Truth. He still has a long way to go until he’ll be able to fully claim that Truth by surrendering to it and acting upon it.
In real life, we all know this moment... as a matter of fact, we secretly live in this moment our entire lives if we don't do any work.
Let me say it again, we usually live in a perpetual "False Victory" without truly confronting the nature of this real-life lie.
At some-point, we realize nothing we are doing and trying is filing the huge gaping hole in our hearts. We realize that whatever we have been doing is only providing us with temporary relief and we know that things are about to change.
For writers and seekers, it is crucial to identify when the Fun & Games stop being so much fun.
The False Victory moment is an inside moment. it doesn't mean something change on the outside world. The fun & games might still be happening, however, it is the first time, we get this weird strange feeling that even though we keep getting what we think we want... we are not any happier.
As a matter of fact, even though we are getting everything we were promised by looking and going for outside things - we never get to the happy place we have been truly hoping for and praying for.
The false victory beat is when we know there is something fundamentally OFF about ACT TWO....
The false victory is a portal for ACT 3 -
It's when we know, maybe for the first time that whatever we are doing and gaining - isn't making us any happier!
Some screenwriters start their stories in this beat! That's right, some say that in order to have a good movie or show, we must first identify the False Victory moment... which makes sense, the entire transformation journey is hinged on this beat.
Ask Yourself: When did you know that you aren't any happier, even though you had what you thought you wanted?
In the next beat, we begin the end or the real beginning