The Fun & Games
The Fun & Games Beat I am borrowing directly from my original inspiration for this work - Blake Synder's Save The Cat. Here is what has to say about this beat:
This is when you get to experience all the things that were promised. It's the reason most people came to watch the movie, or decided to read the book, in the first place.
In our context - Self-Realization & Healing, this beat comes directly after we faced our initial doubts, refusal and maybe even to sell our soul... we get the prize, we get the girl/boy and the fun we were promised if and when we journeyed to the outside world and got the stuff!
It is a very important phase in our journey as this is the part that western culture, media & entertainment and of course - social media is always selling us on....
A fun way to think about "Fun & Games" is the “trailer / previous moments,” from the movies. Fun & games are those scenes that really sell the story and show the audience the new world our hero has entered.
What are the Trailer moments of your life, especially in a given Primary Relationship?
Think about your successes, even if they were short-lived...
When was it really really fun for you? Even if it didn't last
It's important to identify the fun & games beat, because it's what we sold our soul for in The Catch...
This is usually our initial experience of adulthood with minor or even major success. We are having fun trying out different identities and life experiences that give us a sense of victory and satisfaction.
What constitute Fun & Games moments for you?
Getting the boy / girl.
Ask Yourself: What felt like success to me? Even if it was temporary? When did you feel like "you made it"?
In the next beat, we meet the truth for the first time...