Rejecting the Big Lie and Sharing Your Truth
Once you remember who you are, once you uncover your own personal truth, first in any of the given Primary Four Relationships and eventually the one Big Truth of you really truly are (and always have been).... there is only one thing left to do.
Integration is the next journey of the rest of your life...
Integrating the four elements, mind, heart body and spirit
Integrating is finding yourself not just in the center of the Wheel, but AS THE CENTER.
Integration is sharing the sweet nectar, the elixir you have found and concocted along your journey of self-realization.
Integration is the way to take this great aha moment of you really are and making it real by formatting your reality around this truth.
Integration is the hardest work, after confronting the lie, because the BIG LIE is something you have created to continue reminding you of who you really are, and integration means the constant confrontation and rejection of this lie...
Once you know the lie, once you know the work - sure you have a clear path and a clear tool to navigate the journey of self-realization - but it doesn't mean the work itself gets any easier - it just gets clearer.
In other words, the whole point of being human is integrating our remembrance... where most people are focused on the remembering journey...
Once you remember, you realize that that's just the beginning ...
Integration is the real purpose of the human journey...
The good news, you don't have to do it alone :)
Ask Yourself: now that you know who you really are? what will you do? what will you create? What have you?