Journey In

The only way out is inwards
As a matter of fact, I spent 5 years in my own dark-night of the soul - which is the traditional name for this beat, before I came to the truth that that the only way forward is inward.
I can't emphasize this enough... it is why I insisted in putting this document together because it isn't talked about in our culture enough... failure and defeat is frowned upon and the whole concept of "trying again" is flawed when the direction of the "trying" is, once again, looking for the outside world to fix our inside.
So my intention with this guide is pretty simple - when you get to your AUTOCORRECT beat, in any of your Primary Relationships - stay present long enough to find the grace of the next beat which is the JOURNEY IN.
This beat is the whole freaking reason for the journey.
Let me say it again.
The purpose, the intention behind your life's journey is to bring you back home right? To help you remember who you are, right? The purpose of all your stories, relationships, drama and dharma is self-realization... right?
Well congrats to your soul, you have made through 8 beats, and now you are invited to go through the 9th beat - journey in so your soul can be born.
If you really want to get technical, the Original Twist in ACT ONE - was designed to ultimately snap out out of the unconsciousness you came in with at birth so you can go on your journey, first out, and then eventually - INWARD!
Yes, that's right, everything in life is leading us back inward, because that's where the magic and miracles of life exist.
And like I keep saying, we will get inwards one or or another, disease and death is a common way, crisis is another...
May this guide remind and inspire you to not run away back out...
You know what they call it Dark Night of the Soul? Because the soul lives in the dark... and only when you go inward can we free our soul and allow it to emerge.
This is beat feels like surrender so most would rather avoid it.
But not you!
You know that this is the surrender your soul has been praying for.. This is the phase where we are forced to go inside and hopefully see our lies, (ACT FOUR) we might even see our truth (ACT FOUR) and desire to live it.. yet we still don't know how... so we NOW surrender to a higher power, to our deeper story - we pray that we arise of our the darkness of unconsciousness.
Ask Yourself: Have you ever been forward inward? Do you believe in an objective reality?
In the next beat, we get to the real work..