Journey Out

We begin our Rite of Passage looking outwards
Joseph Campbell called this beat - The Call to Adventure!
In the movie business it is called "Catalyst" or "Inciting Event/Incident"...
I call it Journey Out - with the emphasis on the word OUT.
The word out symbolizes the fact that we start our self-realization journey by SEARCHING OUTWARD to fix our problems.
This is critical to understand and identify - our initial attempt at fixing our original twists is for solutions on the outside...
We begin our self-realization and healing journey by searching for people, things, and experiences on the OUTSIDE.
It is important to acknowledge that fact, as that is what western culture has been programing us with... it is part of society's path..
So take a close look at the start of your journey and identify
Where and when did yo start the physical journey? What did you think was going to fix your childhood problems?
What did you try to gain, do and learn in order to fix those Original Twists?
Capiche? is this starting to make sense?
Ask yourself:
What were you looking for initially? When you started your rite-of-passage journey...
I suspect that many of us are still in this beat.
Ask Yourself: What action did it take for me to move forward? What did I try?
In the next beat, we will explore our motivation for change in the first place...