Original Twist

Every Journey needs a Motivation
So we begin the journey in a state of forgetfulness and guess what starts our waking up process?
Originally I was going to call this beat the "Original Slap"... why? Because as kids, that's when we first become self-conscious... our innocence starts to fade the first time we get slapped.
Most people look at trauma as a way to leave the body, and while that is technically true, however - in the context of self-realization, the first slap, the trauma is the beginning of coming into consciousness.... it's when the soul becomes aware of itself and says - WTF??
That's why I have renamed or reframed Slap / Pain / Trauma to Twist -
Twist implies MOTION - in particular as a spiral... the Original Twist is the movement towards the ultimate goal which is expansion... however as you will see in the basic movement of the Four Acts we most first contract in order to expand again.
In short - the Original Twist gives us the motivation for the journey itself.
In your self-realization story, the Original Twist is the moment/event which creates the motivation for change and growth.
In the movie business, this beat comes from "The Setup", where we are introduced to the hero's problems, central flows and motivation for change.. Pick a moment, a story, an event that has taught you one of any of the original lies that told you that you are not enough, that you must be more, learn more and fit in to something outside of you.
It is obviously a twist on Original Sin (pun intended)...
It's when you learned The Big Lie... you will need to face the Big Lie in Act Four, if you you're fortunate enough to go go through Act Three without reaping ACT One & Two again and again (which is the real purpose of this work... to guide you forward).
So if you are struggling in any of the Four Primary Relationships, this would be a good time to examine any of your original twists, they provide you with the key to your healing.
Can you tell how beneficial it would be to identify the Original Twists?
Once you uncover the big lies in your life, you are well on your way to remembering who you really are.
Ask Yourself: What lie is fueling my pain, disappointments and miss expectation?
In the next beat, we will explore our motivation for change in the first place...