Confronting the Big Lie so You Put Yourself Back Together
This is a tricky beat to write about.
There is a lot of talk about creating your own reality, manifesting the life that you want, and being in charge of your own destiny.
When you remember who you are - you have the cosmic choice and opportunity to do exactly that.
What do you do with your new found divine power?
With great power comes great responsibility... right?
That responsibility lives in your imagination - your godly, divine imagination.
These last two beats, remembering and integration, are for you share what truth you have discovered when you confronted and finaly rejected The Big Lie...
I am merely giving you hints to either what to expect, and giving you permission to tell us about your experiences.
When you know your powers, you have the responsibility to use them, and that comes with its own warnings... you can no longer ignore, pretend or forget for too long, you know exactly what needs to be done and what is required of you to fully express yourself unabashedly.
The reason m3 story works is because it's the work leading up to this BEAT that makes it work.
Remember, I come with and from a decade of psychedelic and plant-medicine experiences both as a participant and as a guide.. and it is in those deep shamanic realms that I have come to "re-member" who I am with clear guidance to work on this program so you, the seeker, writer and healer can "re-member" without having to ingest anything...
Something magical happens when you confront and reject your original lies. When you take a deep look at the lies that have fueled your life thus far, and reject them - you literally experience the "re-membering"....
Remember the Autocorrect? your life experiences that shattered your reality? The event that crushed your heart?
Well, after journeying inward, confronting and rejecting your Big Lie, you re-member who you are - literally putting yourself back together, experiencing integration of your mind, heart, body and spirit...
Big promise? Sure.
Re-Membering happens when you identify the lie and reject it. How you reject is specific to your own unique journey in life - and even more particular to the Original lies that have motivated your personal desires and wishes until now.
I am really doing my best here to not tell you anything directly... you know the saying, you can not know about God, you must know God. You can't know about remembering who you - it is something that must be experienced for yourself.
When you remember who you are, you feel a sense of relief and a great responsibility at the same time. As a matter of fact, re-membering is taking responsibility for your divinity...
This beat is your epiphany, aha moment, the big download that changed your life and/or that specific primary relationship forever.
You might forget again, but you will never go unconscious again... you might pretend again and again - but once you remember, you either move on to the next beat and use your new found self... or, unfortunately, things tend to get worst... because once you see, you can not unsee... so life will continue to remind you in whatever ways it must do.
Ask Yourself: How do you know that you have rejected your lie? What is your truth based on rejecting the Original Lie?
In the last beat - we user our true powers to....