Shadow Rising

My fears are showing up in real life
This beat is the beginning of the end.
The end of living a lie. The end of b.s.'ing yourself. The end of a destructive relationship.
This beat is the one we have been ignoring and avoiding since our Original Twists - the beat which motivated us to on our journey in the first place, we worked really hard for the entire second act to avoid our deeply rooted fears and avoid our inner shadows and unintegrated ghosts.
ACT TWO was all about trying to fix things - the wrong way, right?
At the end of the second act, we experienced the False Victory beat.. this is the first time we looked in the mirror and said to ourselves: "I am not any happier" ...
We start ACT 3 knowing that we are not living in our truth, but knowing the truth isn't enough, we must go through the cleansing of our soul in order for us to be able to really remember who we are...
In the movie business they call this beat "Bad guys close in"...
It's when the fun & games are over... whatever issues our story hero ignored - they are starting to pop up!
The Hero's Journey refers to this as "trials & failure"
All good books, movies and TV shows are built upon the tension and drama of this beat - as a matter of fact, we read these books and tune to these shows because we would rather see someone else experience them to to acknowledge our own, and moreover, we want to see and even learn how and if one gets out of this beat's drama.
This is another beat that many people just get used to and live with, most people do not recognize that their ongoing problems...
The 3rd act is the one we try to avoid at any cost...
But it always comes - be design!
So this is your chance reframe your problems as you shadows rising up on you to start the cleansing process that's coming during the next beat!
Ask Yourself: Can you identify the time where you inner fears and shadow started showing up in real life?
In the next beat, we will come to the moment we are all afraid of, yet so necessary for real growth...