The Debate

What must you overcome initially? What are you selling out on?
In the movie business, this beat is usually called "The Debate". The Mythical Hero's Journey refers to it as "The Refusal" (of the call).
I originally was going to call it "Original Doubts"... as it is true - when we first set-out on our journey - we experience terrible doubts and we refuse to answer the call to adventure.
However, I decided it The Catch because of Jill Chamberlain's Nutshell Technique.
We begin ACT TWO in our journey OUT - with a decision, sometimes consciously, usually unconsciously (until now) - to Get what we THINK we want, as opposed to going for what we really need.
Again, at this stage of our journey, we might not really know what we need (spiritually speaking), we are just following society's recommendation for happiness and fulfillment - which is selling our soul for some external stimulation.
It might be easier for you to look at this beat in the traditional way as THE DEBATE - where you have to confront some initial fears as you decide to fly out of the nest...
You can examine the original doubts that came up as you started our journey for happiness and satisfaction
As this work goes wide and deep, I invite you to also examine "The Catch", especially in retrospect... what did you sell out in order to gain some short term success?
Identifying "The Catch" here is mighty important to your self-realization journey... don't be surprised if you are experiencing some serious Aha moments (I warned you!)
Ask Yourself: What were my initial fears, doubts and insecurities? What deeper truths did I have to ignore in order to move forward?
In the next beat, we experience what we want (and not what we need)