The Four Acts

on the Journey Home: Remembering Who You Are

Quick Recap

m3 is storytelling methodology for healing and uncovering our deeper truth.
In other words, m3 is the map and a navigation tool on the journe home: remembering we are.
So far, we have gained awareness and learned about the Four Primary Relationships that generate our life's story-spiral...
Let's face it... essentially - we are the dance of the two opposite & complimentary energies that generates the four elements and relationships all so we can master navigation and come back to the center - the seat of consciousness itself, our soul... oneness.
But how are we going to do this work? How will we be introduced to all these relationships, elements and powers?
The Four Acts is life's organic way to take us around its wheel so we can get to know every aspect of ourselves.
Yes, life's journey has four main acts built in, they don't have to come in a particular order, but they usually do - especially in the context of western culture. These four acts are the exploratory journey of the soul to introduce you, intimately with the four primary relationships and everything that comes along with "re-membering" who you are...
As I keep saying, awareness is the key here, not much "to do", it is more about noticing and gaining the wisdom to know where you have been and where you might be going next.
Life is already taking us on this journey of remembering... the Four Acts is the basic structure of this sacred self-realization journey.
Introducing the Four Acts on the Journey of Your Soul Remembering itself...
The Four Act structure of Self-Realization repeats itself in every Primary Relationship!
I learned a lot from my study and research of Hollywood screenwriting and Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, but in truth, the five years I spent deep diving into the parallels of shamanism and story structure have made these Four Acts unarguably the most important map and tool to discover where you are in life and what might happen next.
The 12 Beats section, is the break-down of the Four Acts... the markers, check-points and identifiers along these Four Acts.
Understand your own whereabouts on the Four Acts and you will breathe much more comfortably as you journey home...

The Four Acts

The big idea: your self-realization journey has Four main Acts, each with three "beats" that represent quantum moments and story-turning-points that progress you towards the next transformational period of this particular primary relationship (and your life in general).
ACT 1: PRESENCE. The Birth into forgetfulness, our Original hurt / pain and lies... and the motivation / catalyst for change - our journey begins on the quest outwards.
(correlating with the element of Earth and the Relationship of Body)
ACT 2: EXPRESSION. We begin our journey of individuation - outwards - fixing things the wrong way. This act usually gives us what we want, not what we need.
(correlating with the element of Fire and the Relationship of Mind)
ACT 3: CREATION. Act 1 and 2 collide... the big bang destroys our perceived identity and false victories - forcing us to surrender and journey inwards.
ACT 4: SHARING. Without a map and guidance, most just start act 1 again... Act 4 is the most coveted by the soul as it years to confront its Original Lie and Remember itself.
Remember: the destination of our journey is back to center - oneness

The Four Acts in Action

Let's examine the Four Acts in the Context of the Primary Relationship of Heart - since it is a common source of pain & suffering.
Here is what the Four Acts might look like in the Heart Relationship:
Let's pick a simple and common Original Lie, once that is ingrained in western culture through media, entertainment and social media.
By-default, you are NOT enough (society)
You are not lovable unless you are happy (social media)
You are not worthy of love unless you become special (movies)
You must compromise and settle down to find love (your parents)
The above twists and beliefs are programmed into use from a young age, without anyone warning us of their effect...
These twists create a BIG LIE of not being good enough for love unless....
... enter Act 2
In the second act of our relationship life, usually when leave our parent's house, we go on the search for love - but the wrong way!
Most people spend their entire lives hoping that someone "out there" will complete them, fix their problems and take away their pain and suffering caused by the Original Twists...
At first, people achieve temporary successes, because couples participate in this joint-lie - expecting the other to fix their self-image by projecting whatever they want to see and experience on the other.
Act Two is usually about playing and having fun together, as a matter of fact, act two of any romanic movie is the reason we go to see it in the first place. It's the honeymoon period of any relationship.
It's all fun and games...
For a while at least....
Act 3 is always around the corner for those expecting the other to be their "better half".
This is why more than 50% of marriages end up in divorce.
When the honeymoon period is over, we are usually faced with our true selves, which is trapped in The Big Lie caused by those Original Twists!
If we don't feel good enough & lovable than it doesn't matter who our partner is, those fears and shadows will creep up on us and become a reality.
If we want our partners to be perfect in order to project our own need for perfection than the Autocorrect is just around the corner.
The Autocorrect has been normalized in our culture, we expect relationships to be hard and not work out.
The autocorrect is the breakup... which is important in order for us to go inward and heal this relationship with ourselves.
However - most run away from going inward and repeat Act 2 all over again.
But those who manage to stay present with the Autocorrect move on to Act Four...
Act Four is the Promised Land
Act four is the hardest to get to because it requires going inward long enough to face the BIG LIE.
The reason why we make fun of romantic comedies and American romantic movies is because we know that there is something missing...
However, there is a path to real love, and if you really study the Hero's Journey and even Hollywood screenwriting, you'll find out that the Hero must go inward and confront the BIG LIE, and then and only then can we "get the girl/guy"...
But on one talks about the big lie because it is not for sale, there is literally nothing to buy ...
and that nothing is hard is to go through.
The Fourth Act is confronting the big lie - that there is something wrong with us, that we are not good enough by default or that we have sinned away from being naturally lovable...
When we accept ourselves as we are - we have our moment of remember - the awakening which is reserved to the experience itself - the ineffable secret of all secrets...
And that's when you experience true love.
Okay - let's unpack each ACT...