Self-realization begins with forgetfulness - Original Lie
The first act includes the original twist to our story - the motivation for change, the catalyst for transformation
Original Twist
First ACT has the Quality of BODY/ EARTH: being rooted in the physical, in the body - the essence of the here and the now and the starting point of all movement
The first act is the birth of our self realization journey.
Most typically our actual birth & childhood, but not necessarily - as these acts repeat in every primary relationships and many times in life. Truth is, I can find these Four Acts every time I come to the computer to write this!... think about that for a moment.
Let me repeat, these Four Acts are the basic movement of life, the breathing in and out, the day coming in and night replacing it. Every heart-beat has these Four Acts...
Coming together and growing apart... as we see in The Wheel...
However, our work here is to take life's most basic structure of movement and apply it to our purpose here which self-realization - so we begin with the first act which always starts in Forgetfulness.
In order for us to remember who we are, we must be in a forgetful state... that is the GAME OF LIFE... that is God's game - remembering itself!
So we begin the journey in a state of forgetfulness and guess what starts our waking up process?
The Original Twist. Originally I was going to call this beat the "Original Slap"... why? Because as kids, that's when we first become self-conscious... our innocence starts to fade the first time we get slapped.
Most people look at trauma as a way to leave the body, and while that is technically true, however - in the context of self-realization, the first slap, the trauma is the beginning of coming into consciousness.... it's when the soul becomes aware of itself and says - WTF??
That's why I have renamed or reframed Slap / Pain / Trauma to Twist -
Twist implies MOTION - in particular as a spiral... the Original Twist is the movement towards the ultimate goal which is expansion... however as you will see in the basic movement of the Four Acts we most first contract in order to expand again.
In short - the Original Twist gives us the motivation for the journey itself.
The original Twist is where and when we learned some of these original misconceptions about ourselves, our bodies, the world and the bigger picture.
The first Act includes the original tare in the vail, the call to adventure that is masked and fueled by pain, hurt and trauma, usually in our childhood.
When you do this work, the most important beat to identify is the Original Lie in this ACT, as it holds
The original Lie is universal - you are not good enough... that you need to spend time, energy and your life getting something from the outside in order to become someone else, special and other than who you are right now.
Identify your original Lie(s) and you hold the key to your self-realization journey!
Body: we don't naturally have what it takes, we need outside resources, drugs, substance to experience power. Mind: You are not good enough until you know more, network more, gain more and become someone better than who you already are. Spirit: You need to be good, do the right thing, follow the rules or God/higher-power/Karma will punish/abandon you. Heart: In order to be lovable - you must be perfect!
Shall we move on to the Second Act?