The Honeymoon - It's all fun, games (until it's not)
Second Act includes all the promises of our mind as we try to fix our original twists, but the wrong way... here comes the Honeymoon phase
Second Act has the Quality of MIND / FIRE: Individuality, gaining stuff, becoming someone, creative expressions, feeling unique...
I had so many names for this Act. It is the main act that movies, plays and books get readers and viewers. It is the act where all the good stuff happen (or bad stuff if that's the kind of movie we want to see).
This act is in correlation with the Mind. In western culture it is the act that we are told that is the ultimate achievement. Mastering our mind, becoming someone special. Knowing enough. Having enough.
The main beat of this Act is the Honeymoon because it is the one we most strive for, and it also hints at the truth of this act... that at some point "reality" will set in. But the mind doesn't worry about reality at this phase / act of the journey - as a matter of fact - as part of the self-realization journey - it doesn't have the capacity yet - as it is learning the capabilities of the mind.
The mind is our greatest gift, as long that we don't think it is the only one :) It is crucial to master the mind and realize that we CAN become anyone and whoever we want and this is what this act is all about.
Getting what we want, but not necessarily what we need.
Here in this act we get what we want. Blake Snyder described this act as "Fixing things the wrong way"...
Fixing the problems, lies and misconceptions caused that the Original Lie.
Act two beings with us confronting our doubts and jumping head-first ( pun intended) into what we think will make our problems go away. Like we said, we are fixing our Act One problems, the wrong way.
We go for the money, knowledge, relationship, reputation and all the external stuff.
We usually do achieve some successes - and that's what I will be asking you to explore in the 12 beats, the moments of overcoming doubts and initial success you have (had) in any of the four realms - Primary Relationships.
Hence the last beat of this Act is called: FALSE VICTORY.
Body: I am finally someone Mind: Let me tell you who I am... this is my idea Spirit: I have it all figured out... Heart: I am finally happy because I am loved by him/her.
Let's Beat it out!