The Great Cleanser, The Big Collapse, The AutoCorrect
A course correction is needed to bring us back home...
Third Act has SPIRIT/AIR Quality: Surrender to the unknown, forced into the mystery, shadows and fears and everything which you don't understand...
At the end of ACT 2, there is a great collision of act 1 and 2... the old world of childhood hurt and pain collides with the false victory of the mind... this big bang allows for creation of act 3... which is all about the great destruction of everything that is fake.
I am calling it creation because it soul-reality it is the building block of everything that is real, and what your soul years for - ACT 3 is the foundation of which greatness is built upon.
In Act 3 we break to pieces so in Act 4 you can put yourself back together.
Act 3 consist of what western culture teaches us to avoid at all costs - The Autocorrect.
Sometimes I feel like I have created this entire system just to introduce you to the concept of AUTOCORRECT.
Your smart phone's keyboard has an "autocorrect" function... guess what?!
Your life does too!
The autocorrect is crucial in our self-realization journey because there is only so much we can really accomplish with mind alone (act 2)... act 3 introduces us to the spirit realm and usually by forcing us into it... how else do we do it in this culture?
In western culture we try to avoid this act at all costs, but it usually always comes... luckily...
Let me put it this way - if you are aware of the importance of this beat - the Autocorrect, than you can experience it with presence and dare I say GRACE.
If you don't stay present with autocorrect, you might do what most mistaken the autocorrect to be - as failure and defeat and start act 2 all over again....
As a matter of fact, if you are a seeker, then you are here because you're probably experiencing the Autocorrect right now. Keep breathing, it's the most important act for self-realization - it is the one pointing you back home!
Act three is all about your fears and shadows rising and manifesting as real life.
As you ignore your inner truths long enough, if you refuse or don't have the wisdom to consciously correct your original twists (and most don't), then life will serve you up with the beats and experiences that will destroy everything you have come to know so you can get real.
This is the stage of our life story where we can no longer hide from our lies as they manifest as real life problems, some of which bring us to our knees.
The Autocorrect forces us to go back inside and uncover the lies which we have been protecting.
The only way forward is inward...
Body: body crashing, no vitality, health crisis Mind: career imploding, financial trouble, crushing self-image Spirit: feeling abandoned by life/god, depression & anxiety from the unknown Heart: heart-broken, alienated from self, community and family, self-loathing & sabotage
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