Confronting the Big Lies, Taking Responsibility and Integration
We breakdown so we can put ourselves back together....
Re-membering Who You Are
The Fourth Act has HEART/WATER: Returning back to true essence, reconnecting with source, unconditional love, inclusion, acceptance...
Unfortunately, most people do not get the this Fourth Act.
Sharing your soul's true essence requires some serious "work"...
In order to share our truths, it is not enough to know it, we must also reject our Original Lies...
What usually happens after the Autocorrect beat is that humans tend to try again and start ACT TWO all over again.
When you go through the 12 Beats, you will learn that the last beat of ACT 3 is "Journey in"... as a matter of fact the entire function of the Autocorrect is to force you back inward.
As a matter of fact, Life does takes us on an exploratory tour of all of our Primary Relationships... to give us a chance to push through the Autocorrect gracefully enough to stick around for the Journey Inwards Beat, at least one Area of life - so we can learn from it and apply its truth to other relationships.
I know this is some pretty deep stuff (pun intended) but you wouldn't be here if you weren't already in it...
You are only here to get reminded what happens after the big cleanser, or at least what can happen if you don't run away from your journey inwards... - most people are stuck in a loop of Act Two and Act Three: Honeymoon & Autocorrect, again and again. Usually blaming external events and circumstances for our problems and lack.
My intention and prayer with this methodology is to give you a glimpse, an overview of the bigger picture, a map of self-realization so you can decide to stay present with your Autocorrect phase... long enough to get to ACT FOUR.
And here is another truth - I can not and will not tell you too much about the re-membering act... because the more I will tell you, the more your mind and ego will start to create more walls and arguments against it...
The more I tell you, the harder it will be for you to experience EGO-DEATH.
Ooops I already said too much.
Your mind already hates me. Well... just tell your ego this - what we are going for is an even stronger, better and healthier ego - once that is FREE to play any role it wants without clinging to it...
We are actually not trying to kill the EGO we are only severing our identification with it. Again - that is crucial for you to understand. As you will see in the 12 beats, the first beat of this act (beat 10) is The Big Lie... because when we surrender to beat 9 - Journey In, we come face to face with our Biggest Lies - and only when we confront it, reject it and accept our true nature - can we experience the re-membering.
When we RE-MEMBER, we develop a healthy relationship with our EGO because it allows us to experience the final beat of this ACT - Integration (12) - we integrate using a healthy ego, one that is consciously used instead of being abused by....
So if you did make it to ACT FOUR - there is not much I can tell you except this:
Stay inside.
Face your original twists and uncover the BIG LIES - in every Primary Relationship...
Only and only when you CONFRONT those lies, will you get to the re-membering beat (11)...
Body: I am the source of power in my own life. Mind: I re-member who I am - the storyteller. Spirit: God is inside me, I generate the faith... Heart: I am the love I seek - what I give, I get.


I want to acknowledge you for getting this far.
I know I am unloading a lot of knowledge on you... and we didn't even get to the 12 Beats yet
I want to command you and tell you that you are not alone, I really am here for you if any of this is "calling you"...
One piece of advice, again, before moving on to the 12 Beats (which are the simplest part of this whole methodology) -
Pick one Primary Relationship to work with as you are going through the 12 Beats - it will help your consciousness make-meaning and immediately apply the beats to your chosen Primary Relationship so it makes sense.
So which relationship will it be?
Mind (career & self-identity), Heart (relating to others), Body (physically & presence) or Spirit (faith & the mystery)
Let's Beat it out!