The Four Relationships

The Primary Generators of your Life's Story Spiral

Let's Begin

I am going to assume you read the One Page Overview so you know where all the pieces fit.
We begin our m3 journey by defining the Four Primary Relationships.
Because it is easier to know where we are going, if we know who is going in the first place and why...
I was also going to start this documetnation website with the Wheel First, but honestly, I was hesitant that I might lose you and this work is too importnat for me so I am skipping right to the part that it "touches" your life directly - and that's what teh Four Primary Relationships are all about.
Your life story is a spiral that is generated by relationships that feed, push and pull each-other... expanding and contracting, inward and outwards..
Yes, your entire life's experience is a hybrid, a dance, and a constant movement of these Four Relationships.
Now, I could call these four - simply, "areas of your life"... that's how most refer to these... but we are not in the flat-business... as a matter of fact, the above graphic, and the famous Yin/Yang image is merely a flat-2D representation of a Spiral that makes up the entire universe.
Let's repeat some wisdom from the overview page -
Everything IS a relationship.
Everything in life is in relationship to everything else.
All healing is restoring flow within a given relationship.
Every "area" of your life, is actually a relationship!
Take a deep breathe and consider that immense truth again...
Your health, your love life, your spirituality, and your identity is actually a relationship...
Your life is a set of relationships!
They say consciousness is all there really is right?
That's true! but that is more true is that your consciousness experiences and creates meaning through your four primary relationships.
I'll admin, I have personally ingested a lot of psychedelics and sacred plant-medicine to experience this truth that life is a set of relationships... and my entire life's mission now is to share this wisdom and work without having to partake in psychoactives...
Consciouness is the primary meaning-maker of your life.... it is your primary relationship with life itself!
Your primary relationship generates and experiences the four main relationships and they are in relationship with each-other...
If you are struggling in one area / primary relationship of your life, a healing is needed - and awareness is the beginning of the healing.
Awareness is the acknowledgement that this relationship is one in which you are responsible for... no matter what "area" it might be - it is your inner relationships that is the make cause an source for your experiences.
So let's take a quick look at the Four Primary Relationships that make up your life.

The Four Primary Relationships

  1. 1.
    BODY - Your Relationship to your physical self (vitality, healing, addictions)
  2. 2.
    MIND - Your Relationship to yourself (creative expression, individuality, identity... )
  3. 3.
    SPIRIT - Your Relationship to the unknown (faith, the mystery and everything you don't understand)
  4. 4.
    HEART - Your Relationship to everyone else (love interests, others, community)
Can you see that you are always the mixture of these Four Relationships?
Would it be fair to say you are better at some of these relationships at different times or maybe in general?
Doesn't it help to acknowledge them as Relationships that you are actually having within yourself as opposed to just "areas" of your life?
Can you see that reframing these are Relationships already gives you more responsibility and power over them?
In our journey together, especially when we go through the Four Acts and 12 Beats, or when you fill out the Beat Sheet, I am going to ask you to pick one Primary Relationship to map-out. It doesn't matter which, what matter is that you are curious to know where you might be within that given relationship.
That is why I am starting off our journey with an overview of these Four Relationships because the magic of remembership comes from the conscious movement and navigation within and in between these relationships.
For example - you might be too codependent in your HEART relationship and your primary experience of that one is drowning... that's where you would want to navigate to your MIND's relationship and see what you can learn from there and apply it.
So you might start mapping out the 12 Beats in your Heart Relationship, see that you are stuck there, so you move to the MIND relationship, map that one out and see what you can learn and apply... what will help you move get unstuck and move to the next beat!
Life is a Game of Relationships - your goal is to master Navigation!
BTW, if you want to know why only four and where these mind/heart/body/spirit come from - go over to The Wheel...
The four directions and elements translate into the Four Primary Relationship
As you read through the four, please ask yourself which one of these do you avoid, get stuck in or wish to navigate more freely
Awareness is the beginning of the healing... This work requires your attention, honesty and intention.
Shall we unpack one one just to spend some more time with them?
If you feel like you get the Four Primary Relationships are you're ready to move on the Four Acts... let's go!