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Addictions, physical health/vitality and presence.


Your Physical Relationship
We are naming this relationship - PRESENCE.
PRESENCE is the quality of the relationship with your physical self, your body, your meat-suite.
This is relationship to is either too ignored in our society or over emphasis but in the wrong sort of way if you know what I mean.
In western culture we are told to either pay attention to the wrong aspects of our body, how we are supposed to be or look like as opposed to being respectful and caring for it.
Your relationship with your body reflects your level of vitality.
You can also say that it is your relationship to the present moment and the quality of your presence.
In other words, the relationship of presence is how your consciousness makes meaning in life through your physical body.
Childhood trauma, pain and hurt are the Original Twists (ACT 1, BEAT 2) that usually distance us from the body.
Couple that with the fact that Western Culture doesn't pay attention to our physical health and presence, and that's how we get almost all of our health problems.
If you are struggling with health issues and/or addictions of any kind - than you might want to improve it before the Autocorrect Beat 9 on ACT 3... or if you are already in your autocorrect, let's make sure you take care of your body and not go around again and again...
When you remember who you are, it is easier to take responsibility for your physical health and experience a level of presence and vitality that you know is your birth right.