HEART | Intimacy

Romantic relationships, feelings of belonging, inclusion and community.
SHARING is the name for this relationship. Why? Because it is how you share yourself with the world.
This is your relationship to everyone else in your life. Your romantic relationships. Your relationship to your community.
This is another relationship that western culture puts a lot of emphasis on but in the wrong direction - outwards instead of inwards.
Society tells us that we must be perfect in order to gain love so we are out there chasing the outside world in order to gain outside love.
This is the relationship that most are occupied with most of their time, in parallel to the mind relationship...
Our heart relationship must be in harmony with our mind relationship or it becomes a needy co-dependance destructive one.
We all know the say, you must have what you want to give, and for you to have, you must be and for you to be, integration must exist.
This is the relationship that must balanced with the other relationships.
Most pain and hurt in this relationship come from act 1 beat 2 - the original twist, and we usually strive towards act 2 beat 2 - honeymoon but almost always it ends up with act 3 beat 9 - journey in - because at the end of the day, no outside relationship can last if we don't have in inner one.
You starting to get this whole system?