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Uniqueness, individuality, identity, separation, personal narrative, identity and creative-expression.


MIND: Your Relationship with Yourself
Expression is the name for this relationship in our remembership journey because it is all about YOU and how you express yourself.
Yes, YOU - your favorite (or least favorite) relationship in life. Either way, I am pretty sure that we are trained to focus on this relationship way too much and usually the wrong way (again).
This relationship is usually the prominent in wester culture and the main one that is being taught and encouraged to explore and develop.
We have been taught that the mind is our greatest gift and all of the focus be go there.
That usually leads to an experience of alienation and separation.
The mind's function is separation and analysis, and while it is life's greatest gift and miracle, living in our mind will technically lead to a fragmented experience of being.
Mind is all about identity, who you think you are, want to be and think you "should be".
Career usually resides in the mind alongside everything you tell yourself about yourself.
Your mind relationship is extremely important, but it needs to be balanced with the other relationships, otherwise you find yourself with either too much fire and can burn out or too little fire and not have any personality.
If you are struggling with too much analysis or low self-image, if you are too self-involved, you want to balance it with heart...
This relationship is key because it is the one where you are literally telling yourself stories about yourself...
What you narrate in your mind about who you think you are and what you believe about yourself becomes your primary experience in life, and while it is encouraged to have a healthy mind relationship in your life,
it can't be the dominant one - that's how you end up feeling lost, separated and alienated... most people are stuck in act 2 beat 6 - false victory and act 3 beat 7 - shadow rising... basically doing whatever it takes to just experience what looks like success to other people (false victory) yet managing ongoing fears (shadow rising) not knowing how to break free from this terrible loop...