SPIRIT | all possibilities

The unknown, faith, God, and the mystery...


Your Relationship with All Possibilities
This is an important relationship, obviously not more important than the other ones, however, this one is usually a twisted one.
The reason why we call this Relationship "CREATION" is because how you relate to the Mystery technically creates the unfolding of your life.
Let me explain - this relationship is all about your relationship to higher power, bigger picture, everything you don't understand and the unknown.
You can be too anxious about tomorrow and therefore keep ignoring it, or you can trust and believe that something or someone outside of you has power and control over you - and while that can feel good for a while, it has destructive effects on the unfoldment of your life.
Western Culture teaches us that spirit is something that is outside of us, judging us and deciding our fate and future for us. On the other-side, it teaches us to ignore it completely and only focus on what we can see and understand.
This relationship is the one that balances our Body Relationship. If Body is the "Here & Now", than Spirit is "All other possibilities"
Your relationship to everything which is unknown to you. How do you related to the mystery of life? What's your relationship to higher-power? How do you feel about your bigger purpose and picture?
You can run away from this relationship and constantly be stuck at Act 2 beat 4 - Catch & Debate, or you can overthrow yourself and surrender the mystery and keep finding yourself in Act 3 beat 8 - autocorrect which is designed to send you back on your own unique path.
Faith is important, very important ... yet taking responsibility for our own higher power is the mastery of this relationship.