The Wheel

AB's Primary Tool for Navigating Consciousness
I was introduced to "The Wheel" during my decade of shamanic work as a participant followed by Facilitator Training. I have personally facilitated thousands of private sessions using this exact wheel as a methodology for consciousness expansion.
We were trained and encouraged to make to take this Wheel and the wisdom from our shamanic sessions and create a body-of-work that is the medicine without having to ingest something...
This work is my attempt.
Now let's take a look at The Wheel:
This wheel holds the secrets for all of creation itself, in nature and in your everyday experience...
The Wheel is the circle of life.
We are calling "The Wheel" to remind us that it is a navigational tool!
When you get the wisdom of this Wheel, you will be able to apply to any area and situation in life.
How come? Because it is based on the simplest and most basic fundamental truth:
Everything is in relationship to everything else.
That's it. Period. That's what the circle of life represent - that everything, and we mean, everything in life is in relationship to everything else.
Which means - if you want to change, grow, transform, decode your journey, get to know yourself and master life itself...
What you want to master is the intelligence of relational fields!
Yes, let me say it again,
There is an intelligence that exists in relational fields - our work together is to decode, understand and apply this intelligence to whatever it is we are dealing with.
In the context of this website, which is for personal growth and becoming better soul-story-tellers, what we want is to understand relational field and their intelligence!
We use this wheel to Navigate to where we need to explore, decode, write about and integrate on our journey home!
So let's unpack this circle, let's understand what makes this circle of life, and then we can extract the wisdom we can apply for our purposes here!

The Fundamentals:

  1. 1.
    Life is a set of relationships
  2. 2.
    The basic ingredients are opposite & complimentary
  3. 3.
    The primary movement is growing apart and coming together
  4. 4.
    That primary dance generates the four directions in nature and the human experience: earth-body fire-mind air-spirit water-heart
  5. 5.
    The four directions express themselves in consciousness as The Four Relationships
Let's unpack...

1. Life is a Set of Relationships

Sounds simple because it is, however the depth of this wisdom can not be underestimated.
Life is being represented in a circle because everything truly is in relationship to everything else.
Our mission here is to understand what that actually means - specifically so we can become aware of the intelligence of relational fields - what happens when things are relating to one another.
In order to do that - we must move on to what makes a relationship in the first place -

2. The Basic Ingredients

Again, if life is a set of relationships, then let's breakdown the 2 basic and primary ingredients of any and all relationships:
Opposite and Complimentary
That's right... a relationship is made up of 2 forces or energies (or whatever you want to call them) that are opposite and complimentary to each-other.
Think night and day, on and off, push & pull...
Think of your heart beats.... these are two opposite and complimentary forces that literally gives you life!
Right? Right.
So it would make sense that everything, we mean EVERYTHING arises our of these complimentary and opposite energies right?
Before seeing what gets generated by this dance of the two... let's look at the basic movement of the dance of life -

3. The Basic Movement

The basic movement of the the movement in the circle is...
coming together and growing apart
Yep, I know this sounds way too simple, but you must understand this simplicity becuase this truth holds the secrets to all of life's journey!
Think about it...
The most fundamental movement starts at the middle of the circle as it "growing apart" and then as it gets to the edge of the circle it "comes back together".
It grows apart and comes back together in a circular motion and that motion literally creates the universe
Take a look at this video - this is what it looks like - our little simple circle which holds the dance of the most primary and basic opposite and complimentary energies:
Perhaps you are starting to see the the traditional Yin/Yang symbol or our "Wheel" is really a 2D model of what you are seeing in the above video...
So again let's recap -
Life is a set of relationships - which is the dance of the opposites and complimentary energies that have the basic movement of coming together and growing apart...
This movement generates everything in life - but as with any good circle :) we can break it down to the four extremes at each "side" of the circle.
Next -

The Two Generate the Four Directions

The dance of the two creates the circle - or as we like to call it "The Wheel" - as it applies navigation!
That movement of coming together and growing apart expresses itself as everything in life!
The Wheel is a representation the four directions that emerge out of the the dance of the two!
Let's say it differently - the coming together and growing apart of the two extremes give rise to the four basic elements which are the four creation powers in nature:

Nature's Four Creation Powers

  • Fire - at the extreme of YANG / ON / MASCULINE ...
  • Water - at the extreme of YIN / OFF / FEMININE
  • Air - as water moves towards fire - it evaporates..
  • Earth - as fire moves towards water - it hardens as the earth...
The four directions of the circle of life, organically emerges from the dance of opposite and complimentary energies.

Consciousness' Four Primary Relationships

We are now aware of how the tow generate the four directions and how the four directions translate as the four elements in nature -
but what does it have to do with you and me?
how does it express in consciousness?
This is the point, where I have began to take this ancient wheel and develop it for my own personal work as a facilitator and a soul writer's muse.
Enter the Four Primary Relationships of Consciousness
Yes, I have been developing this concept for over 10 years now... with the intention to to simply explain how the four alchemical elements of creation in nature express themselves in your everyday consciousness ....
Bare with me, it will only get deep for a second, but once you get it, you get it!
And I have dedicated the next section for this concept.. so you'll get a few chances to "get it".
Here we go -
Consciousness' primary role is meaning-making! That means (pun intended) that what consciousness "does" is create meaning with what it experiences in The Wheel - since the Wheel includes everything.
Your consciousness is always creating meaning through dominant the set of relationships it experiences...
Let's back it up for a second - If life is a dance and movement of the four elements, than consciousness is a set of Primary Relationships
  • PRESENCE | earth/body - the experience of the here and the now, physical health/vitality and the quality of your presence.
  • EXPRESSION | mind/fire - the experience of your uniqueness, individuality, identity, separation, personal narrative, identity and creative-expression.
  • CREATION | spirit/air - your experience of the unknown, your faith, relationship to God, and the mystery as a whole...
  • SHARING | heart/water - your experience of how you relate to everyone else ,which include your romantic relationships, feelings of belonging, inclusion and community.
It is important for you to see the parallels between Life's Elements of Creation and Consciousness' Primary Relationships Can you see how the four directions express themselves in consciousness?
Are you starting to see that you - yes - YOU, are always meaning-making or creating meaning through your primary-meaning-maker - your consciousness through experiencing one or more of these Primary relationships?
I'll be honest with you, this is the kind of understanding that is usually experienced with psychedelics, plant-medicine and sacred substances... it was pretty easy to "explain" this to my clients and then give them a substances in which they would spend the next 6 hours "meaning-making" through one of these Primary Relationships...
But I have made it my life's purpose to do this work without external substances
So I might have to spend the rest of my life explaining this stuff in whatever ways I can...
But it is so worth it!
Once you get that you are literally a set of relationships experienced through your own consciousness and you have the ability to navigate and generate these relationships through coming back to center and your imagination...
Let's recap:
The dance of the two creates the circle - or as we like to call it "The Wheel" - as it applies navigation!
That movement of coming together and growing apart expresses itself as everything in life!
The Wheel is a representation the four extremes / directions that emerge out of the the dance of the two!
m3 takes these four elements and directions and turn them into the Four Primary Relationships, the Four Acts and their 12 Beats!
It's all about the one that split into the two, that genertes the four that bring us back into the one...