Vision & Mission

Just a reminder...

Why do we do this work?

Warning - this is where I blab for a while about the deeper purpose and intention for creating m3 story in the first place.
Yes, it is a program for Navigating Consciousness.... decoding your journey so you can write your story, the one you actually want, instead of the one that's dragging you around.
But what's the point?
What is self-realization?
Remember the Wheel? My hope for you is to find yourself in the center of it.
As a matter of fact, I don't want you to find yourself in the center, I am hoping that with this work you will find yourself AS THE CENTER.
Feel into this for a minute...
If The Wheel, the circle, is a representation of life - a set of relationships, then everything arises out of the one which split into the two extreme and generate the relationships of life...
The reason why we are learning to navigate is to be able to come back into the one, the center, while we are still alive!
I know that's some deep stuff, but hang with me, it's a purely technical concept here....
You are either being dragged around as a victim in your life, or you take some responsibility for your divinity and powers.
How do you do that? You do the work, you master the navigating back to the center of the wheel of life...
That's what meditation is all about anyway - coming back to center...
Center of what? Of the circle!
Navigating back to the center of the Wheel allows you to consciously generate these relationships or at least navigate them instead of being trapped by them.
Navigating back to center, remembering who you are - is transforming from victim to creator!
Understanding the Wheel and the Four Relationships only has one purpose - to free you from limiting stories so you can tell your own story of divine love and possibilities!
Is that a good enough reason to continue diving deep into this?
Like I said, you can go out and ingest some psychedelics and sacred-substances to "get this work"... but the wisdom and epiphanies will belong to the experience and not to everyday life.
This work is my way of integrating a decade of psychedelics, plant-medicine and sacred substances, so thank you for hanging in there with me... I know it gets a little "heady" at times, but I promise you - the intention is the exact opposite of heady ...
I am not just spitting some nuggets here - I am not just giving you the information, we are also going to be drawing out a map for the transformation that is ALREADY happening in your life -
Your life is designed to help you remember all of this
Your life will ultimately show you, not just the Four Primary Relationships that make up your consciousness but it will also undoubtedly take you back to the center to show you - literally make you experience that you are the Fifth Relationship... the one that's having a relationship with yourself...
The question is, will you wait till the next shamanic ceremony, health crisis or even death?
Or will you brave this real work - get to know yourself - master your navigation skills and eventually be able to exist in the center - the seat of you consciousness - your soul.
Wisdom is not repeating the same confrontation in a loop... so we can actually grow and expand from lack-consciousness to one of abundance and prosperity.
Alright alright, let's continue!
Yes, coming back to the center of the wheel is returning home - to THE ONE: the observer, the creator, the director, the magician -
but for that to happen we must achieve "integration" of the elements and primary relationships that makes up our life...
We must heal the natural flow within and between primary relationships in our life.
Life has a plan for that journey - which you will read about in the next section - The Four Acts, for now let's focus on fully understanding the Four Relationships:
Take a minute to feel what we are saying here: The relationships to/with our body, mind, spirt and heart - these are the Primary Relationships which make up the foundational experience of life.
Consider the Four Primary Relationships as Portals back into ONENESS.
So which Portal do you want to explore first?
Which of these portals traps you? Do you get lost in your mind, your heart, physical issues? spiritual anxiety?
Understand these portals of energy - and master your life.
Our consciousness is made up of these Four Primary Relationships - we are the dance itself, and if we want to gain enlightenment and mastery over our life - we want to consciously heal, navigate and generate these Primary Relationships - instead of being a victim to them.
Let's quickly recap, again, what we learned in the last section - The Wheel.
Life is a set of relationships right. The basic movement of a relationship is growing apart and coming together... that dance of opposite and complimentary generates the four directions around the wheel of life.
We already know that the basic four in nature are fire, water, air and earth.. we also understand that they are expressed in consciousness as mind, heart, spirit and body... Which brings us here.
If life is a setup of relationships, and you are life itself, your consciousness is literally a set of relationships...
Get to know these relationships and you'll have a chance of coming back into ONENESS while you're still alive.
It is mighty important, even crucial to understand that your life, your reality is actually a constant combination of these four primary relationships.
Integration is having a natural flow and balance of these Four Primary Relationships. That means, not holding on, not forcing anything, not being stuck or avoiding... just allowing life's natural flow to lead in and out of these primary four.
When you recognize that your pain and suffering comes from spending way too much time lost in one of these primary relationships instead of learning how to navigate and achieve balance.
This is one of these times that I can honestly say, if you only take "one thing" away from this whole project is this:
Explore these relationships and find out which ones are you ignoring, avoiding and stuck in.
Freedom where you don't depend on any of these relationships but you master navigating and generating them.
For example, you can depend and get stuck on your relationship with yourself, higher power, others and your physical appearance... right?
You can also suffer from avoiding a relationship with yourself, the mystery, loved ones and your health...
Are you starting to get all of this?
Now, here is good news - life will take you on a journey introducing you to all of these relationships... no doubt about it!
Life is designed to remind you who you are...
Life will take you on an exploratory journey of the the Four Primary Relationships at a time and speed which is appropriate only for you...
The beauty and genius of this methodology is that it works whether you are aware of it or not!
You know what they say, wisdom is knowing where to go next...
So whether you are a writer or a spiritual seeker... m3 story is a methodology for remembering who you are...